Tips To Avoid Pool Accidents With Kids

We all know that child pool safety tips are important, but sometimes when we get around to the inviting water, the fun and the warm sun, we sometimes forget to practice them. If you are a homeowner that have kids and a pool, then you know that comes with a lot of responsibility as a parent and as a homeowner, you need to make some changes to your backyard and house so that it will be childproof. In this article, we would like to review some child pool safety tips and how to make those summer months more enjoyable and hassle-free.


This is at the top of the list for us, as we believe it is important that every child should know about water safety and learn to swim, whether or not there is a swimming pool at home. Look into swimming classes for your kids, there are free or low cost options available from local organizations like the YMCA.

Clear View

Your pool should be visible, whether it is from a designated family area, where you can have quick access to the pool in case of an emergency. If you are building a new home then this is something to bring up with the architect and if you have an older home, then you could install a camera.

Install A Fence

You should install a fence whether or not it is required by law; fences should be about 4 feet high and have a locking mechanism.


If you do your own pool maintenance make sure you are using the right balance and don’t forget to lock them away, so small children can’t get access to them.


Consider purchasing a floater, that can be thrown into the pool for any swimmer that may be struggling.


Don’t use filters that pull from the bottom, instead use one that pulls the water from the top, the reason is kids can get trapped in these filters.

Most people drain their pools during a hurricane, instead of draining it completely; you should reduce the level by 1-2 feet. You can use the pool to store your outdoor furniture and any pool equipment you may have. Since there is normally a lot of rain during a hurricane you should add extra chlorine to compensate for this and don’t forget to turn off the electricity to the pool pump. This pool safety tip was brought to you by our friends at The Window Pros.