8 Swimming Pool Safety Tips To Keep Your Pool Safe

As a swimming pool owner, you need to know the dangers of water as well as how you can prevent them by following certain safety tips. Below are eight swimming pool safety tips that can make your pool a safe place.

safety tips in pools
Constant supervision. Whenever people are using the swimming pool, you should either be around or look for any adult you trust. It is a good idea to have someone who swims well enough to help anybody who needs help in case of an accident.

Flotation devices. Children or adults who don’t know how to swim well should have well-equipped floatation devices that fit them. Make sure that you check the weight limits on life jackets to ensure proper safety. If you own the pool, keep some life jackets.

Fencing. It is crucial to have a fence around the pool to prevent children from gaining access to the swimming pool without supervision. It is a good idea to have a lock with a key or a combination lock. You can also install an alarm on the fence to help you know whenever someone tries to open the gate.

Have a phone handy. A cordless is vital when you have a swimming pool. Drowning only takes a few seconds to happen. The time used to run inside and answer a phone call is all it could take for something fatal to happen. Having a phone handy will also make it much easier when you need emergency help.

Indicate where the pool is too deep and where it is shallow. Some adults and children cannot swim and need to know where the shallow or deep end is. These people have to know that the deep end is only for those individuals who can swim and they have to use the shallow end first.

CPR. As a swimming pool supervisor, your job is much like a lifeguard. Therefore, you have to know how to perform CPR. If you don’t know about CPR, it is vital to find a CPR class and learn about it. You could save a life by knowing CPR.

Educate swimmers about general safety pools. Before anybody enters the swimming pool area, they have to know about general safety rules. If possible, have a list of Pool rules somewhere in the pool vicinity where it will be visible to all who come to swim.

Remove ladders. Many above ground swimming pools have ladders as a means of getting in and out of the pool. If you are not using the ladders at any particular time, it is wise to put it away so that children cannot get to the pool alone.