Isolation Fencing

An isolation fence is the most effective means to protect a child from drowning in a swimming pool or spa.

Isolation fencing should be installed as follows:

  1. Completely enclosing the swimming pool and spa isolating the pool and spa from the home, play areas, front and side yards and the neighbor’s yard
  2. A minimum of 5 feet in height
  3. Provided with a self-closing and self-latching gate
  4. Release mechanism should be at the top of the gate
  5. Release mechanism should designed to receive a padlock
  6. Maximum clearance from the ground to the bottom of the barrier fence should be 2 inches
  7. Gaps in the fencing should be no more than 4 inches
  8. Any protrusion that would allow a child a handhold or foothold to climb the fence should be removed
  9. Check building regulations for your local area

* Photo courtesy of Guardian Pool Fence Systems.